ä-vän(t)-lärd: unconventional; radical; daring **ADVENTURES IN FOOD AND TRAVEL

Houston Porter


I relish food and yearn to learn about where our food comes from, who raises and harvests it, and the chefs that then bring its flavors to life.  I have an appreciation for all foods but have a deep-seated respect for the idea of farm-to-fork cuisine.  My aim, through my writing, radio appearance, and website guides, is to help educate people about where their food comes from while also opening their eyes to new and old cuisine alike.



Petaluma Argus- Courier:  Columnist & Freelancer

Positively Petaluma:  Food editor and contributor



KSRO:  Petaluma Senior Restaurant Correspondent



Avant-Larde (www.avant-lard.com):  Food and Travel Guide

Port Lodge Guide (www.portlodgeguide.com):   Guide to the Port Lodges of Porto (Gaia), Portugal

Websites in the works...

Petaluma Happy Hour (www.petalumahappyhour.com):  Guide to Petaluma's Happy Hour Menus

Petaluma's Choice (www.petalumaschoice.com):  Guide to Petaluma Restaurants


FOOD EVENTS: Co-organizing, Consultant & Volunteering

Great Petaluma Chili Cookoff, Salsa, and Beer Tasting

Taste of Petaluma

Lagunitas Crab Feed

Fools for the River

Mac n' Cheese Challenge



Great Petaluma Chili Cookoff, Salsa, and Beer Tasting: Chief Justice (chili, salsa, beer judging)

Ribs for Kids Cook-Off: Judge (Ribs)

Wine Country Big Q: Judge (Sauces)